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ampedUP by amplify recruiting

You need resume help, but from someone who understands your background, interests and your target industry – We hear you.

 You apply to tons of jobs, but feel like your resume goes into a black hole once you submit it online. And you never get any replies – We hear you.

 You go through the interview process and receive an offer, but wonder if you’re getting the most competitive offer. You want to ask for more money, but don’t want to damage the relationship – We hear you.

 You need to have a difficult conversation with your manager, but don’t know to approach it – We hear you.


At Amplify Recruiting, we care about your career goals and professional development – we want you to win. That’s why we’ve created ampedUP to help you navigate challenges relating to career development. We share our insights + market intelligence to coach you through the process of telling your story and building a narrative that makes sense for you (based on your career objectives). Whether it’s resume editing, interview tips and preparation, general career advice, industry research or offer negotiation strategy, we’ll do everything we can to get you closer to the finish line. Our intent is to provide feedback and strategies that help you realistically achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

We listen. We probe. We leverage our extensive experience to go beyond just providing you surface level advice and counsel. We work to understand your unique circumstance and strive to customize your experience with us.

We’ll be honest, transparent and thorough so that you get the most out of every conversation with us.

Resume Review

We will review your resume and offer suggestions that might help you stand out.

Career Advice And Consulting

Given our breadth of industry experience, we will offer insights, tips and guidance as it relates to interviewing.

General Coaching

We can help you with a range of things related to job hunting and building your brand.


Choose a plan that works best for your wallet


This is designed for individuals in need of quick career-related advice.

Cost $50 (one 30 min call)


4 career strategy sessions

Cost $150 (four 30 min calls or two 1hr in-person meetings)


5 career strategy sessions + comprehensive resume feedback and strategy.

Cost – $250 (five 30 min calls or two 1hr + 15 min in-person meetings)


6 career strategy sessions + resume feedback and strategy + 2 rounds of edits.

Cost – $300 (six 30 min calls or three 1hr in-person meetings)

Got a question or need more detail? Let’s talk. You can reach us directly at ampedUP@amplify-recruiting.com or complete the form below. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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