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Amplify Recruiting is a boutique recruiting services agency that connects talent with employers within the digital, media and entertainment industries. Built on 5 core values: quality, professionalism, responsiveness, inclusion and transparency, our mission to help our clients fill talent gaps.

Chief Talent Finder + Founder

Dwayne Cash

Dwayne Cash is Chief Talent Finder + Founder of Amplify Recruiting responsible for business development, building talent pools, branding and client consulting.

Dwayne has spent his entire 12 year career in the media industry, particularly TV/Cable and now digital, recruiting for HBO, Viacom, NBC and most recently He’s hired 700+ people across multiple business areas and has served as a Talent Acquisition Partner to clients and HR, advising on strategy, program management and telling stories using metrics. Dwayne has a passion for connecting people with the right opportunities and is a champion of diversity and inclusion.

Dwayne holds a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Management from The New School. 

Let's take an all hands approach


Because we’d like to do our part to ensure that the media, digital and entertainment industries become more diverse year after year, we’ve committed to developing a strategy that will help move the needle. We’ve created the “All Hands” Initiative designed to either support or implement programs that create equal employment, learning and development opportunities for ALL. A portion of our earnings on an annual basis will be donated to organizations, insititutions and programs that in some way support diversity & inclusion.