We hear you – really, we do.

Whether it’s hunting for a unique set of skills or helping our talent land their dream job, we put the needs of our clients front and center.

Our Services


This is our bread and butter. Our clients rely on us to go out into the market and find talent that meets their needs (considering skill, cultural and organizational fit).

Job Description Review And Development

We want to ensure that your most important marketing tool is effective and draws the right candidates. At no additional cost to our clients, we will review and offer suggestions based on industry standards and market conditions.


Sometimes clients come to us with general questions about recruiting, market intelligence and what we’re hearing and seeing. They also want to know more about compensation trends – we can help with that.

Making the recruiting process a little less stressful so that you can run your business.

Amplify Recruiting was built by industry recruiting veterans to help hiring managers and leaders address challenges of finding talent. We provide resources and intelligence that help you hire right and with confidence.


  • Quality – We will only send you candidates that meet your needs and the job requirements.
  • Professionalism – Each and every interaction with us will be organized, detailed and timely.
  • Responsiveness – We will follow-up in a timely manner to address feedback, concerns and your overall needs.
  • Inclusion – We will aim to send you a diverse slate of candidates.
  • Transparency – We will be open and honest throughout the process.
Our Clients

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